3D Simulation Camera

Edina Plastic Surgery is the only clinic in the Twin City area with imaging equipment that shows before and after options for treatment. Our Vectra XT camera captures comprehensive 3D images of your body, breast or face – focusing on the key areas you are targeting for improvement. The 360-degree images, which have a sharp definition, can be used to show the possible outcomes of various procedures or treatments. You can “test drive” your procedure and know what to expect before you make your final decision. Your image allows you to explore possible outcomes, learn about options and limitations, and know what to expect from the surgery. For breast implants & augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and beyond, visit our Minneapolis location for a consultation.

Here is what patients have said about the Vectra XT camera:

“I had wanted to get a breast augmentation for a long time and when I left my first appointment at Edina Plastic Surgery I literally cried from happiness and excitement. The ability to see my own body on the computer was very important to me. Not only was I able to see what the implants would look like when placed under a muscle, I was able to see what it would look like on me vs. what it looks like on others.”

“For patients looking for unsurpassed expertise and the highest level of technology, Edina Plastic Surgery is the only place to go. I am extremely happy with my results and would recommend EPS highly.”

“I am 57 years old and giddy with joy at the results of my breast augmentation. I credit the Vectra 3D camera with giving me the courage to 'go for' the larger size implants. I have always been a small-breasted woman and am quiet petite so it was difficult for me to imagine myself with larger breasts.”

“When I tried on the larger implants with a demo bra, I thought I looked ridiculous. But WOW, when I saw myself on the Vectra 3D camera it made all the difference. I looked great! Thank you Edina Plastic Surgery for my beautiful breasts and for having the Vectra 3D technology!”